As ever during the international break, there’s an eclectic collection of stories, opinion pieces and quotes floating around in the media this morning.

Snippets on the Blues’ current form, words from Fernandinho and John Stones and a rare appearance in this column from the New York Post.

We’ve scoured the world media and the below is the fruits of our labour…

We’ll kick-off with the Daily Mail's ever-readable Martin Samuel, one of the UK’s most respected football writers who’s visit to the game against Arsenal on Sunday got him thinking…

“Sergio Aguero started it, really. Standing on the Etihad pitch, holding his commemorative blue glass boot, details of every record-breaking goal for Manchester City inscribed on the plinth.

“It gets a person thinking. Where would he sit, amid the greatest foreign players to join our Premier League? The best from his continent, that is for sure.

“It is hard to think of a finer visitor from South America, not even among the Brazilians. But what if we were to whittle it down to, say, five? Just a handful of names across more than a quarter of a century.”


                        179 AND COUNTING: City's record-breaking forward celebrates his penalty strike with Leroy Sané.
179 AND COUNTING: City's record-breaking forward celebrates his penalty strike with Leroy Sané.


He goes on to place Kun in his top five, of course…

“Transformed Manchester City. It is not just that he gave the Premier League its defining moment in his first season; or that he was even faster to 100 goals than Shearer; or has the best goals-to-minute ratio of any player in this modern era.

“It was Aguero's arrival that propelled his club into the elite. City won their first league title in 44 years on goal difference, his goal difference.

“Yes, one could argue that Yaya Toure was as influential in the creation of the modern Manchester City, but Aguero is now spanning two eras in a way Toure will not.

“His award before Sunday's game with Arsenal was far from the ceremonial marking of a fading talent. Aguero is a vibrant part of Pep Guardiola's great leap forward, preferred on occasions to the younger Gabriel Jesus, the player it was thought would replace him. No sign of that yet, as the records continue to fall.”

So, to that New York Post entry.

It’s more of an overview of the weekend and events so far, but always nice to hear a different voice.

They write: “As we enter November, one thing is clear in the Premier League — Manchester City are running away with it.

“In a weekend that featured two top-six matchups — one pitting City against Arsenal, the other Chelsea against Manchester United — Pep Guardiola’s men now find themselves with a comfortable eight-point lead at the top of the table, while the rest of the top six have clumped together, separated by just five points.

“In the first of the two marquee clashes, City strolled passed the Gunner’s 3-1 at home, thanks to goals from Kevin De Bruyne,Aguero and Gabriel Jesus.”


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BT Sport carry some Fernandinho reaction after Sunday’s win, with the Blues’ midfielder saying: ‘Without a shadow of a doubt it was an important victory for us and we’re on the top of the league for the international break

‘We weren’t able to construct our game as usual, so we had to try long passes, but even so we could create chances in the first half.

‘In the second half we were winning, so they had to come more offensive and we had more spaces to play. Since we have fast players, we were able to score two more goals.

‘From last season, we’ve now found a good balance. Personally, I’m happy because the team is playing well, winning games and I’m contributing in a good way both on defence and attack.’

Meanwhile the Daily Mirror feature John Stones and his take on life under Pep.

It reads: “Guardiola's rampant side look unstoppable and £49million defender Stones, who has been superb this term, said their fine run is down to the sheer thrill of playing for the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich boss.

‘It's 100 per cent about enjoyment,’ said Stones. “It's a joy to play in this team, and when you're winning and the boys are playing as they are, it's hard to describe

‘We couldn't go and play a game now if one was scheduled, but you want to keep the winning run going.

‘You want to keep improving on what you've done in the game and also look at what we can do better. That's what makes a good team.

‘It's a compliment to ourselves that we've set that standard and want to keep at it.’

Watch John’s post-match interview with CityTV for more of the above – otherwise, that’s it for today – more of the same tomorrow…


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