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Caballero: More risks, more beauty

Caballero: More risks, more beauty
Pep Guardiola will expect his players to take risks in order to achieve his beautiful aesthetic this season.

That’s according to City’s star man in the narrow defeat to Bayern Munich last week.

Willy Caballero made three stunning saves against the reigning Bundesliga champions and is likely to feature against more German opposition in Shenzhen on Thursday night.

The Argentine goalkeeper was impressed by Borussia Dortmund in their 4-1 win over Manchester United last week and admits it’s going to be a tough assignment at Longgang Stadium.

Willy told “Every boss has their own way to play – with Manuel, we had a way technically to play and now we have to learn to play differently. Maybe we play with a bit more risk now in the build-up but if we do it well, we will play in a beautiful way.

“It’s a really good test for us, especially because we didn’t play against United so we’re going to have one game less for the pre-season. We have to focus on this game, to have an important performance to produce a game that the boss wants.

“We will have to work hard to create chances against Borussia Dortmund because they showed what a great team they are against United in Shanghai.

“We will work to show that we are taking on the new boss’s ideas and hopefully we will score some goals and win the game.”

SHENZHEN BLUES: Caballero meets the fans in China
SHENZHEN BLUES: Caballero meets the fans in China

It’s not been a case of “all change” when it comes to the coaching staff at the club this summer.

There will be some continuity for City’s GK Union, with Xabi Mancisdor staying on – a fact that pleases Caballero who has a long-standing working relationship with the Goalkeeper Coach.

Willy also revealed that he’s never felt better ahead of his third season in Manchester.

“It’s fantastic that Xabi has stayed on – I have known him for many years as we worked together at Malaga too and I wish all the best for him to improve with all the new staff,” Caballero said.

“I’m feeling good, I’ve been training really well and we are training a different way from last season. We have a new boss and we are trying to improve, to take his new ideas – it’s a new way to play with the build-up, to press high, to assimilate all parts of the system.

"It’s great to work with him, he’s a really good boss and hopefully, we will all improve this season with him."

Caballero was speaking at a supporters’ club event where he met members of the Shenzhen Blues.

He added: “We saw a lot of Chinese fans in America, back in the UK and for sure here and we know just how passionate they are and it means so much to us.

“We really appreciate their support because they are people who show so much love for us because they are so far away from England and it’s hard for them because they want to be with us all the time.

“With the time difference, we know that supporting City is a way of life for them and so that’s why it’s extra special for us to actually be here and to feel their love, especially at events such as this one.”