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Inside training: The best playlist yet?

Inside training: The best playlist yet?
Who said training can't be fun? Not City players, that's for sure, as the laugh-out-loud latest in our popular new playlists shows.

The Inside Training clips have been a huge success on our YouTube channel - now you can stay right here and watch the greatest hits, and we use the term advisedly.

Joe Hart's fabulous overhead kick, a worldwide smash, didn't just go viral, it went nuclear with more than a million hits in just three days.

Talking of greatest hits, Mario Balotelli's nonchalant shot to smack the camera figures along with that nice Edin Dzeko giving his pal a helping hand with his bib.

Harty's version of Wonderwall isn't the best you've ever heard, but he puts his, er, heart into it, while Vincent Kompany being tackled by a bag has already entered City folklore.

And there's plenty more - 23 often-hilarious videos in all, selected for your entertainment, fabulous little fragments of fun at your fingertips. Enjoy!

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