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Behind the scenes: Goodfellas!

Behind the scenes: Goodfellas!
The 2011 Player of the Year Awards had just a touch of the classic gangster picture 'Goodfellas' - here's what you missed first time around.

Above, Joe Hart inspects his new bathroom suite before leaving for the Etihad Stadium...OK, so it's the awards backdrop - but it does look remarkably like the B&Q bathroom section, or is it just me?

There was only one person Yaya Toure wanted to thank for his Moment of the Season gong - big brother Kolo. After a tough few months for Kolo, the end of the season at last brought a glimmer of light to the end of what had been a long tunnel. 

Brotherly hug

Meanwhile, Roberto Mancini re-enacts a scene from Goodfellas when Micah Richards tells him he's a funny guy.

"Funny how?" asks the boss, ominously...

mancini encouraging micah to get up on stage

Nigel de Jong and Patrick Vieira check the menu out and look pleased to discover it's chicken nuggets and chips. Happy days (and meals). "Eh, no pasta? No meatballs? What's with these guys?" asks an off-screen Mario Balotelli.

nigel and patrick work out what to eat

"Vincent, Vincent Komp-any, Vincent, Vincent Kom-pany!" went the chant as the Blues' inspirational Belgian collected his Player of the Year award. Sadly, Adam Johnson was attacked by Thing out of The Addams Family as he cheered on his team-mate. 

table reaction to vinny winning player of the year

Once on stage, Vinny couldn't resist launching into his stand-up routine and nearly brought the marquee down, ending with the line, "I'm here all week,"  much to the delight of presenter Mike Wedderburn. A summer season on Blackpool Pier beckons... 

vincent acceptin his award

As the night drew to a close, Edin Dzeko began one of his famous campfire ghost stories. "And so the lighthouse keeper opened the door to find..." Joe Hart is clearly terrified and Carlos Tevez can't bear any more. As for Zaba, well, he's heard this before...

joe spots the camera

Finally, time for bed! After a long evening, the boys head home a little wiser and ready to settle down for the evening. With only the FA Cup homecoming left before the season closes and it's off on a well-earned break.

the boys arrive on time

Incidentally, if you've ever seen the nightclub tracking shot Goodfellas, check-out citytv producer Michael Russell's re-make, filmed just a few weeks ago...

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