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Carrington in pics: Wembley in mind

Carrington in pics: Wembley in mind
It was the morning after the night before with memories of reaching the FA Cup semi-final still fresh from yesterday, but things were a little odd at Carrington today...

The first song of the day sets the tone in the gym, where Gareth Barry and Edin Dzeko get down to The Bangles' comeback single 'Train Like an Egyptian'. Edin seems to know it better than anyone else while Gareth asks if it's possible to do the opening theme from Blockbusters instead. "I'll have a P please, Bob..."

Gareth B and Edin do some warm ups with tom parry

Meanwhile fans' favourite Shaun Wright-Phillips might deny being vain, but snapper Sharon Latham spots him taking a self-portrait on his iPhone. Come on Wrighty, get over yourself, mate.

SWP tries to snap me on his blackberry snapping him

Upstairs, legendary kit manager Les Chapman follows some simple on-line instructions on how to impersonate Cosmo Smallpiece - a long-forgotten comic creation of Manchester comedian Les Dawson. To his right, assistant kit man Brandon gets to grip with Cbeebies new-look website. What an 'erbert! Only joking Brandon - it's actually the final part of his Open University thesis on metaphysics.

Chappie and Brandon Checking out this twitter thing

These boots were made for dribbling... can you guess who they belong to? 


Well done! The 'AJ 11' probably gave it away in fairness. This is a sight all City fans will want to see - Adam Johnson testing his new boots  - out on the training pitch. The FA Cup semi-final will no doubt help spur on his recovery as he's one of the few City players to have actually scored at the new Wembley.

Adam tries out his new shooooooes

After becoming the target for some rough-house tactics in recent games, Mario Balotelli tries out a body armour suit he ordered off eBay last week. "Mario," says a bemused Jerome Boateng. "I think you're meant to wear it under your clothes, actually..."

Mario loving the training manequin

Finally, with news that there was no pasta on the menu in the canteen, Dr Jamie Butler has decided to order in. "My treat gaffer. What's it to be? Pepperoni, sausage and chorizo?"

"Si," replied the boss. "With a stuffed crust and dough balls. Grazie, Doc." 

the boss chats to the doc

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