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Petrov aims higher for next season

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Martin Petrov is already looking at improving on his good first season with the Blues.

The Bulgarian winger made an immediate impact on the left wing and added five goals for good measure, and he says that he felt at home straightaway after his arrival from Atletico Madrid last July.

Martin says, “I feel part of the club, we have some very good players here, a lot of international players that make us a very good football team and I think next season we’ll be much better.

“That has to be our ambition, we’ll need more points than this year to finish higher, we have to look at finishing around fifth or sixth.”

The importance of beating Manchester United twice was not lost on the 29-year-old, despite his previous experience gained from playing all over Europe, and he adds,

“It was fantastic to beat Manchester United twice, that was so important for us and the fans. We played very good football in the first few months of the season, we were in the top five for a long time. I know it was more difficult later in the season, but I think this year has been an excellent one for us.”

Coming to a new country and learning a new language was also no problem to the international, now with the City squad on the post-season tour of Thailand, as he says:
“It could have been difficult changing from Spain to England, but it was easy when I came here because there were a lot of people to help me on with the language.

“I had learnt German, French & Spanish before so it was quite easy, although I think it was hard for my wife & family, but we’re happy now and I’m enjoying being in Manchester.”

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