Pep Guardiola believes City must achieve consistent dominance to be considered ‘the best team in Premier League history.'

The Champions secured back-to-back league titles with Sunday’s emphatic triumph at Brighton for the first time, tallying an astonishing 198 points spanning two record-breaking campaigns in the process.

The achievement has sparked debate across the footballing world as to whether City’s accomplishments warrant the title of the greatest team in the competition’s history, but Guardiola asserts there is more to come yet from his side.

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“We feel incredible satisfaction,” he said. “Well done. We did a great job because our contender was incredible.

“We are working on [reaching the levels of United and Liverpool’s top-flight success] but you can’t fight history. It would be unfair.

“We have enjoyed an incredible two seasons but to be the best, we have to do it for a longer time.

“We are part of ‘the best teams’ and that is enough. We are flattered a lot.

“I accept that we want to be there and deserve to be there but to be the best ever? Maybe in another five years…

WATCH: Guardiola outlines Watford threats

“In terms of points, goals and stats, we are the best but football is not about numbers – it’s about emotions.

“We are one game away from the [English] quadruple but the ‘biggest’ one? That’s far away. Is it possible? Honestly, I don’t know.

“I need to see what I can do better because right now in the Champions League, I’ve not been good enough at this Club. You play with emotions in the Champions League more than other competitions.

“Even if we win the English trophies, it’s still not certain that we’re the best. Some will say we are; some will say we aren’t – that’s football and that’s nice.

“We can win the English quadruple on Saturday so it’s a great chance for us.”

Asked whether City will maintain the same hunger to achieve success next season, Guardiola replied: “This group are one of the biggest competitors I’ve seen in my career.

“They’re always at the same level; they’re on the first line. They’re incredible.

“Every player has to feel: ‘I play well or I don’t play. If not, I’m in trouble and I have problems.' They have to think: ‘Why didn’t I make more tackles?’ The players have to feel that.

“At the start of next season, we will start on zero.”