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City 100: Sweet 16 and #SharkTeam

Ton up! In celebration of our City Centurions' remarkable, record-smashing season, we are running a 100-themed summer feature...

With your help, we fondly recall '100 reasons to smile' from our sensational 2017/18 campaign, which ended in spectacular fashion as the Blues clinched an unprecedented 100 Premier League points.

Share your favourite memories from an incredible season - the awesome, the eye-catching; the heart-warming and pride-inducing - on Twitter @ManCity, no matter how big or small... and yours could be featured over the next four weeks.

25 Sweet 16

During one blistering fortnight last season, City scored 16 goals in three games. September was a fantastic month for the Blues with four Premier League wins, one Capital Cup victory and two Champions League wins - but it was the 16 goals in three league matches that stood out.

First, Liverpool were put to the sword as a rampant City punished the Merseysiders 5-0 at the Etihad. Then Watford were thrashed on their own soil - Sergio Aguero bagging a hat-trick in a 6-0 win at Vicarage Road before City were at it again, beating Crystal Palace 5-0 at the Etihad. Liquid football.



26 #SharkTeam

As City devoured the opposition in the first half of the season so

It caught on so much, that it became an unofficial nickname, T-shirts were printed and worn during a warm-up and even the odd inflatable shark started showing up on match days. An emoji was even especially created and the Shark Team label is unlikely to go away for quite a while...


Man of the people... Benjamin Mendy
Man of the people... Benjamin Mendy



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