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Leroy Sane on his City career so far

IN SANE: Leroy talks Pep, John Stones and entertaining the City fans.

IN SANE: Leroy talks Pep, John Stones and entertaining the City fans.

Leroy Sane says Manchester City's unbeaten start to the season shows the hunger for success within the squad.

In a wide-ranging interview, the 21-year-old also discussed Pep Guardiola's style of management and his relationship with the City fans. 

On City’s unbeaten start…

It means a lot. I think every player is hungry to win every game and also to win some trophies – and to win trophies we have to win almost every game or try to win every game.

I think we have a very good character.

On his performance v Arsenal in December 2016…

I think for every striker and offensive player it feels very good to score a goal as you enjoy it.

When I scored that goal [against Arsenal] I felt very comfortable and very good – I wanted to score more goals and try it in more games.

On City’s possession-based style…

I like the way we play football.

It’s more fun if you have the ball more than the other team.

I like the way we play and we really enjoy it. Everyone can see that we enjoy it.

We improved a lot in this game – it’s how Pep wants us to play football.

On the improvement of John Stones

Yes, I think every player has improved all the time under Pep since he came here and everyone can see it - everyone feels like this season is very comfortable and is very good.

John Stones has played really well this season; he’s a very good player and also person. He is a very important person - like every player - for this team.

On the competition for places in City’s squad…

Every player knows that if he doesn’t give his best, do well and keep his level high then there is another player who also very good who deserves to play.

That’s why it is very good for every player to have this pressure, to get better and play very good each game. It helps the team.

On Pep Guardiola…

I think it’s how he wants to play football: he wants to win every game, it doesn’t matter what competition, he wants to win trophies and that’s very good when you have a coach like him.

He also has a lot of experience and he wants every player to improve, any issue, he can improve, and every training session he helps every player.

If you can do it straight away he will talk to you about what he saw what he wants and how you can do better.

On his relationship with Raheem Sterling

Yes of course, for every person and every player it’s good to have good friends you can play football with and enjoy and also have fun more.

It’s very good with the whole team, we understand each other. Off the pitch and on the pitch we play better, we help each other more. And everyone can see that we all enjoy the way we play football.

On winning individual awards…

At the moment, no, If I see who wins at the moment I think: ‘I’m not better than him at all’.

Like Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Hazard, Alexis Sanchez.

EVERY ANGLE: Leroy Sané v West Brom



Every Angle: Leroy Sané v West Brom

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I can count so many players which are much better than me so I don’t think about it.

I try to improve my game, I want to win every game with my team, every trophy with my team and it’s all I think about.

On Pep’s desire to play with out-and-out wingers…

Yes, it depends who we play and tactic of the other team.

He will tell me when to go wide, to go more inside, look where the space is and do what you think is right.


Every Touch


Every Touch: Sane v West Brom

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He tells me to do it, we have to also decide in our games.

On David Silva and Kevin De Bruyne…

When you play with players like Kevin De Bruyne and David Silva if they have the ball and they attack you know something’s going to happen.

It doesn’t matter how small the space is they will find any way to get through the players and that’s why you have to be focused and get ready all the time to give them any option to pass the ball and to create chances for the team.

On living in Manchester…

I feel very good, I like the City. I live straight in the city and am very happy to be here and to live here.

On the influence of his parents…

Yes, they visit me all the time and when they can they’ll come to my games, to the home games.

They want to see me play football.

It’s very nice that they come regularly.

On his relationship with the City fans…

Yes of course I feel it, when I walk around and there’s a City fan they’re happy to see me, and that makes me happy as I know then that they like how I play football.

IN SANE: Leroy talks Pep, John Stones and entertaining the City fans.



Sane: I love to entertain the fans!

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I want to play every game well for the fans to see a good game for them and to win the game so they can go home with a good feeling.

On his desire to entertain…

Yes of course, I like to entertain a little bit but you have to know when to do it, and when not.

On achieving long-term success with City…

I think every player knows it and every player feels good right now so we don’t really talk about it. 

Everyone wants to win, and wants to win trophies.

On setting personal targets…

I don’t have a target of how many goals, it’s always a motivation for me to help the team it doesn’t matter about assists and goals. I don’t have a target, like 20 goals or anything, because I like to score goals and it’s why I try to score and give any assists that I can. 

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