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Skipper expecting another titanic battle

Vincent Kompany says playing Liverpool again so quickly is, in many ways, the ideal fixture for City to play – though he expects another gruelling battle.

The skipper believes if the Blues had been playing a team who had been in action on Saturday with perhaps a less demanding game, it could have been even harder, whereas the Anfield clash means both teams have had exactly the same recover and preparation time.

“It’s convenient actually,” said Kompany. “If we had to play two hours on the Sunday, travel back late and play a Wednesday night game against a team who would have had time to better prepare for it then it would have been more difficult for us.

“Now it’s against the toughest opponent you can play away from home I think, but at the same time it’s against an opponent who is just as tired as you are and so it just puts everything equal again and it’s a good thing to carry on the battle at Anfield.”

The skipper knows Anfield has been something of a graveyard for the Blues in recent years, but says the recent Champions League win in Kyiv plus Sunday’s Wembley triumph suggest the team are perhaps on the crest of a wave.

“I think it’s all about momentum,” he said. “It’s hard to predict an Anfield away game because it’s so difficult – that’s just how it is.

But our team has been showing different signs and we have to make sure we maintain the standard that we’ve had in the last two games and carry it on 

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"I’m sure if we manage to get a positive result at Anfield then we’ll be able to maintain that and gain even more momentum. It would be an incredible achievement if we managed to go to Anfield and get a good result.

“What we’ve learned in our recent history is that in moments like this, you just have to get your head down and start racing as much as you can.

“It’s what we call the hunting season now so we’re not going to look back or do anything other than focus on the opponents that we have to play.

Vincent Kompany in action against Dynamo Kyiv

“We just have to make sure that everything we have we leave on the pitch. There’s no other way to approach this anymore. You can’t come with mathematics or anything like this.

“We just have to race to the end and see how many of the 36 points we still have to play for we can bag and we’ll be close if we have gathered a lot of them.

It’s an awkward time of the year – it’s almost as if we have nothing to lose anymore. We still have a lot to play for but nothing to lose anymore

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“It’s like all the gates come off. That’s how it felt with the performance in Kyiv and against Liverpool at the weekend and that’s the feeling we have the re-create for Wednesday.

“Just take all the gates off and go for it. It’s a little bit less calculated and probably more entertainment value for people watching but it’s the only way for us to get there now because we’re in a trailing position.

“It’s a weird feeling but, as I say, it is hunting season so it’s better to be chasing than be chased in some ways.

“The whole organisation - everyone at the Club has to have the knife between the teeth and know that now everyone needs to be as sharp and focused as ever. “

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