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FrankenCity: Help us create a monster of a player

FrankenCity: Help us create a monster of a player
From Monday, we’ll begin creating the ultimate outfield City player – but we’ll need your help to do it.

Each day we’ll bring you four contenders for each body part which will consist of: Right foot, left foot, lungs, heart, brain and eyes.

After the quartet have been announced, we’ll be running a Twitter poll to get your vote on who should get the nod to become part of the beast,  and day by day, our monster will slowly start to form.

We will announce what FrankenCity looks like next weekend when the final volts are sent into the monster to bring it to life.

So you might choose the left foot of Neil Young, the right foot Shaun Wright-Phillips, the lungs of Colin Bell, the heart of Pablo Zabaleta, the eyes of David Silva and the brain of Ali Benarbia – ultimately, you will have the final say.

All we need then is spooky castle, thunder and lightning and a mad scientist screaming, “It’s alive, it’s alive!”

Watch out for our monster feature this week…



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