The rib-tickling and the thought-provoking... What's caught our attention on the world wide web this week?

In our latest edition of Things We Love, Club Journalist Caroline Oatway rounds up the best of the internet’s offerings from the past seven days…

Fine print

In terms of iconic City songs, Darude’s Sandstorm is up there.

The track used to be played as the teams were about to come out of the tunnel in the early millennium, and it made an appearance on social media this week – though perhaps not in the manner you’d expect.

An office employee with clearly too much time on his hands played a rendition of it on the work printer – and to be fair, it’s bl-ink-ing good!

This video could only be bettered if it featured a Brother printer, am I right?



Enough said!


Say cheese

So, you’ve spotted someone famous, and you’re desperate to acquire their autograph… You root through your pockets and your bag for anything that could resemble a sheet of paper…

But the closest thing you have is a slice of cheese?! Yeah…


In Key Gundogan

We love to see how our City stars spend their free time, although we didn’t quite expect to witness Ilkay Gundogan belting out Alicia Keys’ Blended Family on a car journey (pretty well, we might add!)

Ilkay shared this video a few weeks ago but this week, Alicia tweeted to express her approval!


(Not such a) Mystery Blue

So, our latest edition of ‘guess the pixelated player’ was a little easier than usual…

You’d know that shock of ginger hair anywhere!

We realised this and decided to poke some fun at ourselves by answering our own question. Not everyone appreciated the daftness of it, but it was a bit of fun nonetheless.


Cheeky, cheeky

Swansea legend Lee Trundle is famed for his outrageous tricks and skills – and he proved he’s still got it.

He bagged a double hat-trick in a charity match, and while a penalty wouldn’t usually be the main talking point of a striker’s six goals, you’ll see why this one went viral…



There was good news from across the pond, as NYCFC’s David Villa was named Major League Soccer’s Most Valuable Player for 2016, becoming the first man playing out of the five boroughs to clinch that individual award.

Congratulations, David!


Cream of the crop

Football throws up some absurd and incredible moments – things beyond your wildest dreams.

Club legend Tommy Booth rapping certainly falls into that category!

Without further ado, take it away MC Booth…


Wedding bells

Many congratulations to Kevin De Bruyne and his fiancée Michèle Lacroix on their engagement!

The Belgian took to social media to spread the news.

Looking forward to the invite, KDB!

Happy birthday to my future wife. She said yes😘😍❤️ @lacroixmichele

A photo posted by Kevin De Bruyne (@kevindebruyne) on


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