What's caught our attention on the world wide web this week?

In our latest edition of Things We Love, Club Journalist Caroline Oatway rounds up the best of the internet’s offerings from the past seven days…

A Special Night for Bradley

A priceless moment for young Bradley Lowery, whose story has captured the hearts of millions.

A Twitter hashtag #BradleyLoweryForGoaloftheMonth has since been set up, and tens of thousands of people have sent the youngster Christmas cards.

If you would like to send one to Bradley, the address is: Bradley’s Fight, C/o 5 Attlee Avenue, Blackhall Rocks, Hartlepool, TS27 4BY

Oh, Brother!

We all love a bit of nostalgia – and what better way to stir up some feels than with a look back on an old shirt.

Donned in 1993-1995, this one - dug out of Mundial Mag’s proverbial cupboard - is a thing of beauty.

Bohemian Rhapsody

The latest Internet trend… replacing song lyrics with names; most popularly, footballers’ names.

The Exploding Heads have done just that, blowing others out of the water with this masterpiece: a football-themed rendition of Bohemnian Rhapsody.

Quite simply: magnifico-o-o-o-o.

8-Bit City

This goal was glorious in real life – and it’s just as impressive on the virtual, pixelated stage!

The Proper Horlock Mug

Look at this. Just look at it! No wonder it’s sold out.

The description is just as good: “Because Horlock sounds a bit like Horlicks.

We could have also had:- Lee Brewcoe, Dave Moretea, Gerard WeakTea, Neil Teaney, Danny Teatto.

“Kappa though. Kuppa. Come on!”


Sure you’ll remember the image of the Afghan boy Murtaza Ahmadi who fashioned a Leo Messi shirt from a plastic bag earlier this year.

Well, he finally met his hero on Tuesday as Barcelona visited Doha and he was named mascot for the friendly against Al Ahli.

He certainly made the most of it…

Badge clash

So, when Monday’s Champions League draw was made, AS Monaco (naturally) tweeted it…

Only (as many media outlets seem to), they used our old crest in their graphic.

Rather than simply put them straight, we decided to have a little fun and searched for the oldest Monaco badge we could find.



It’s been a difficult week for Ilkay Gundogan.

Having suffered a cruciate knee ligament injury in the victory over Watford, the German international has been ruled out for a lengthy period.

On Friday, he tweeted this motivational message.

We wish Ilkay a speedy recovery.

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