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No pressure on Norwich warns Sagna

Bacary Sagna believes the days of a banker home win are over in the Premier League.

The French defender admits there was a time when you could accurately guess the results of two or three games per week based on league positions – but says the increased wealth of Premier League sides in the past year or so means all teams have enough quality to beat anyone.

With that in mind, he expects Norwich to play with plenty of freedom this weekend, making them a threat to City.

“I think it’s going to be a tough game because they have quality players,” said Sagna. “Every single game is going to be a fight this season for us.

“I’ve watched Norwich against Sunderland and Newcastle and in the latter, things may not have gone too well but they have looked good away from home and I think they have quality players.

“They will have a desire to come here and play their best because not many people will expect them to come to City and win so they can play without fear.

They will try to impress us and I think they will play freedom because we are the favourites to win – they have nothing to lose and their players know this is an opportunity for them to shine

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“When I used to play away to City as an Arsenal player I always upped my game even more because I was up against great players and I knew I had to give more than 100% - I think that’s what Norwich will do.

Sagna and Hazard battle

“We need to dictate the game because we’re at home and want to stay at the top of the table. This is proving a very close Premier League with teams like Leicester, West Ham and Crystal Palace all doing well,.

“A few years ago if you played a team near the bottom, you were pretty certain you’d win – but not anymore – those days are over.

“Every team has more quality and is more powerful than ever. I’m thinking of players like Dimitri Payet – he’s French like me and came over from France and he’s having a great season and there are many players like him who have come to the Premier League this season so we have to be ready and on our game every time we go out.”

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