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Team Aguero v Team Villa: Picture special

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Aliens, The Dark Knight, The Godfather II... cinematic history has countless examples of sequels that were at least the equal of, if not better than, their predecessors.

In keeping with that idea, CityTV and NYCFC have teamed up to produce a follow-up to the popular Sergio Aguero v David Villa challenge filmed at City Football Academy in February.

This time, the pair locked horns for in New York on City's post-season US Tour... and they brought some friends along too!

You'll be able to see the video results here on the site very soon but, in the meantime, we've got the best of the pictures from an epic duel between Manchester and New York's finest for you.

Mix Diskerud, Khiry Shelton and David Villa prepare to face off against Sergio Aguero, Martin Demichelis and Pablo Zabaleta.

Setting the ground rules before battle commences...

Let's get started, shall we?

In the mix... USMNT midfielder Diskerud to serve...

Villa wins the header to keep the point alive!


Point to MCFC... Zaba and Demichelis high five.

Three amigos - Copa America-bound trio celebrate winning a battle... but will they win the war?

Uh-oh, Kun's not planning a career change, is he?

It was a competitive affair but there was plenty of respect shown between the two sides.

It's all getting too much... Pablo can't watch!

Now it's the New York trio's turn to get the giggles... and you will too when you see the video!

Two of the best strikers around catch up three months on from their first duel.

#Together an' all that...

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Watch the teaser below...

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