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Summer tour: Training day 1 in pictures

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What better way or place to shake off the jet-lag than in the warm & sunny climes of the city of the angels? After all those hours cooped up in first class, the lads fell upon the ball like a long-lost friend.

Day one Training Gallery

"Look who I've found here!" Luckily someone remembered that Micah had been packed away with the training kit for the long flight, but he looked no worse for his ordeal. Also, no-one's told him he's got to do his blog with Chris Bailey yet.

Day one training Gallery2

A year on from helping Spain win the World Cup, David Silva looks unimpressed with Shaun's sartorial statement. Or maybe someone said it was shirts v skins?

Day one Training Gallery3

Forget about all this hi-tech, modern approach to training; Gareth & masseur Carlo Sertori are wondering who's up for a game of three-and-in.

Day one Training Gallery5

John Guidetti, Gael Clichy and SWP stretch their legs, with John giving these natty training tops the old Paul McCartney-esque thumbs-aloft.

Day one Training Gallery5

Nice take by Joe, but you've got to say the defence was a bit static there.

Day one Training Gallery6

Shaun's run at Gael a few times down the years, but now they're shoulder-to-shoulder, and probably wondering where John Guidetti got to?


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