Manchester City and PUMA have today announced the launch of a limited-time treasure hunt in collaboration with Aglet.

As part of the Club’s pre-season tour of Japan and Korea, the interactive experience available on the Aglet app encourages fans to get moving and collect virtual items for their avatars. 

For fans in Japan and Korea, visiting specific locations in Tokyo and Seoul, including the stadiums at each pre-season match and a selection of events taking place throughout the week, will unlock Man City stashes containing a selection of virtual merchandise that players can use to customise their Aglet Avatar.

An additional selection of Man City and PUMA virtual wearables will be available to buy via Aglet’s in-app shop.  

Fans worldwide will be able to unlock free Man City virtual items by joining a global step challenge. Players are challenged to accumulate steps whilst repping a pair of Man City shoes on their Aglet avatar. The more steps a player takes, the more Man City virtual prizes they will unlock. 

Real-world prizes, including physical merchandise and player-signed jerseys are also available for global fans who engage with the app.  

Aglet is an online convergence-based mobile game that marries the physical and digital world together into one seamless gamified experience. Players walk around and explore the world while interacting with their favourite brands and designs, earning, and creating in-game and physical sneakers, merchandise, and digital collectibles.