Ahead of the Champions League Quarter Final first leg match against Real Madrid, we ran a competition for Official Supporters Club members to predict the score with prizes such as match tickets and signed shirts available.

Over 500 members submitted a score and after an incredible match which saw six goals, amazingly Matt and Davi from the Sydney and Brazil branches respectively, got theirs right – Davi, even predicted Bernardo as City’s first scorer as well. 

We spoke with both Matt and Davi after the game. Davi said ‘“believe it or not, I dreamed that Bernardo Silva would score against Real Madrid last so that was why I chose him as the first scorer of the match, also he has a pretty decent record vs Real Madrid so it wasn’t only because of this!

“Our matches against Real Madrid, are always thrillers with a lot of goals. Unfortunately for us, I knew Kyle Walker, probably the best defender anyone has against Real Madrid, was injured and wouldn’t be playing, so I thought there was a pretty big chance that we would concede, considering Madrid’s attacking quality.

“Fortunately, we also have a lot of quality on our side, and we scored three goals every Champions League game this season, that’s why I guessed we would score three. 

“I’m very happy about winning the competition and I’ll frame the shirt as soon as I can and hang it in my room!”

Davi was also asked about his relationship with the Club. He said he started supporting City around 2008.

 “Oasis was my favourite band in my early teens and Noel and Liam Gallagher, as we all know, are big City supporters, so that got me into the Club, also they had a couple of Brazilians, like Elano and Geovanni, whom I loved because he was an idol for Cruzeiro, my childhood Brazilian club.

“A moment that I’ll never forget about City is the Aguero goal vs QPR in 2012. I remember it vividly, it was Mother’s Day in Brazil that year, so my family was all gathered for lunch, but I was glued to the TV watching the game.

“Once Aguero scored, I started celebrating like crazy and my whole family thought I was nuts, not knowing that I had just witnessed the greatest moment in City’s history and one of the greatest moments in football history.

“The Brazilian OSC is amazing, they host a lot of events and give a lot of benefits to the members, who are all great people and fanatic City supporters, it’s amazing how a love for a club from thousands of kilometres away can unite a lot of people here in Brazil, and it will get bigger and bigger!”

We also spoke to Matt, a member of our Sydney branch who also correctly predicted the incredible score. His reason for picking 3-3 was that Madrid would score goals but also thought that City had the quality to fight back.

“I am originally from Didsbury and had a season ticket on the Kippax until I left the UK to move to Australia,” began Matt. 

“I have seen most of the downs live in person and the ups on TV. I have seen Dave Watson head past his goalkeeper and witnessed the silky skills of Jamie Pollack score the best own goal ever.

“I was at that relegation defeat against Luton Town and saw David Pleat run on the pitch but I did get to see that goal from Kinkladze v Southampton.

“Since being in Australia, I did have the joy of listening to the Gillingham game on scratchy internet radio that went down at 2-0 down and by the time I got it back up, was shocked we were about to start taking penalties.

“My brother was a club doctor for City then and celebrated on the pitch with all the players, so I have heard all the stories!

“Lastly, I never thought I’d see us win anything in my lifetime so was more than delighted after we won the FA Cup and everything is a celebratory bonus since. Being a City fan now is like living the dream!

“As for the second leg, I think it will be 4-2 City!”

If the first game is anything to go by, we hope Matt is right here too. 

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