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The Midea Awards: Vote for your favourite players & bring home a prize

The Midea Awards: Vote for your favourite players & bring home a prize
Introducing the Midea Awards.

Midea and Manchester City kick-off the Midea Award Nominations sponsored by nine Midea product categories and presented by City legends Paul Dickov and Shaun Wright-Phillips.

Our nine awards each focus on one of Midea’s hero products.

For example, our Flawless Finisher heroes the dishwasher, as we celebrate three players who delivered a clean finish when through on goal.

The High Pressure Hero is all about the player who successfully delivered under pressure. This celebrates the pressure cooker... you get the idea! 

To promote the awards, we received a little bit of help from two City legends, Paul Dickov and Shaun Wright-Phillips, who feature in our nine short films where they announce the nominations for each award in their own unique, humorous style.

All videos can be watched via Midea’s Global Facebook page. Feel free to give it a like!

From now until 8 June, we’re inviting fans to vote via our microsite here for each of the eight categories (the ninth is a special award for Pep) to find the eight truly deserving winners of the Midea Awards trophies.

The content and competition is live to 471 million global Manchester City followers and available in eight languages.

Voting closes on 8 June 2021 at 3.50pm GMT, so cast your votes now and stand a chance to win a Manchester City merchandise voucher!





Enjoy our videos + #MakeYourselfAtHome.

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