Manchester City are delighted to launch a new metaverse event in collaboration with TOMORROW x TOGETHER which is now available for fans on Blue Moon, Man City’s Roblox experience.

Following the men’s first team’s pre-season tour visit to South Korea, Manchester City has collaborated with the K-pop group, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, on Roblox.

The Club will host a limited time event on its Roblox experience, Blue Moon.

The collaboration highlights TXT’s recently released single, ‘Do It Like That’ and fans can listen to the song and see the music video in an immersive environment.

The Roblox event will also include a treasure hunt, a fan message board, video content, in-game emote, and more!

Kevin De Bruyne met TOMORROW X TOGETHER while on tour in South Korea. Behind the scenes content from that visit can be found below.

The Man City x TXT event is now live (11th August) and will continue for a limited time only. Check out the event on Blue Moon and show your fandom for Man City and TXT!

The Blue Moon experience on Roblox can be accessed here.

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One of Manchester City’s key priorities is to ensure that we manage safe environments for people online.

Man City would like to be proactive in child safeguarding and provide support for users in the Blue Moon experience.

For all users who enter the experience, we will be providing additional safety reminders and resources on how to report misconduct. For more information, click here