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City become first Premier League club to launch experience on Roblox

Manchester City are delighted to announce the launch of ‘Blue Moon’, a brand-new City themed experience on Roblox, which is now available for fans to enjoy.

Manchester City is the first Premier League football team to launch an official club experience on the popular online platform, Roblox.

Created in collaboration with Karta, the experience follows the story of the club’s characters, Moonchester and Moonbeam, and features various activities, including a minigame and a virtual Man City store. Fans can also play and watch Moonball matches, complete quests to earn in-game rewards and interact with other City fans on Roblox.

In another first for the club and the Premier League Trophy, the first ever virtual stop on Manchester City’s Trophy Tour will take place inside the Blue Moon experience on Roblox tomorrow. For 48 hours, Cityzens can interact in a digital world with the Premier League Trophy, take pictures with the trophy, collect unique items and meet other fans.

And it doesn’t stop there – to celebrate the launch, Manchester City’s 2022/23 Home Shirt will be available to unlock as a free item for a limited time only!

Manchester City also will feature in the popular Goal Kick Simulator experience on the Roblox platform where fans can get a hold of limited-edition items for their avatars!


Nuria Tarre, Chief Marketing and Fan Experience Officer at CFG said:

“Manchester City continues to embrace the latest technologies to enhance experiences for our fans across the globe – both physically and in the digital world, exploring new and exciting ways to engage and entertain our fanbase.

“Another first for the club, this collaboration aims to inspire the next generation of fans and we look forward to delivering this innovative new experience on Roblox and bring the Premier League Trophy into the metaverse.”

Roblox provides an exciting opportunity for Manchester City to bring fans closer to the club than ever before, with many exciting upgrades, updates and events set to arrive in the coming months. 

The Blue Moon Experience on Roblox can be accessed here.

Roblox is a free online platform where millions of people around the world play, learn, communicate and expand their friendships every day as they explore millions of user-generated digital experiences.

Roblox applies strict safety features, including a safety review of every single image, video, and audio file uploaded to the platform as well as chat filters to block inappropriate chat, in addition to a suite of Account Restrictions settings that parents can use to restrict who children can interact with and what experiences they can access.

For more information on the platform’s safety resources and tools, visit:

One of Manchester City’s key priorities is to ensure that we manage safe environments for people online. Man City would like to be proactive in child safeguarding and provide support for users in the Blue Moon experience. For all users who enter the experience, we will be providing additional safety reminders and resources on how to report misconduct.

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