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Manchester City Corporate Cup 2023

Manchester City Corporate Cup 2023
A new sponsorship package prize is up for grabs at the Manchester City Corporate Cup 2023

Similar to last year’s event, the sponsorship package will be raffled off during the awards ceremony in the evening to one of the businesses participating on the day.

Participants of the Manchester City Corporate Cup will get the opportunity to win being an official programme partner of ReminisCITY.

ReminisCITY is a CITC programme that aims to engage and support people living within Manchester, who suffer from mild to moderate forms of dementia.

The aim is to create a dementia-safe environment for participants to enjoy social and physical activity, through the conduit of football and Manchester City, promoting active and engaged lifestyles in the face of the challenge’s dementia can bring.

By becoming a sponsor, you business will be feature in:

  • A news Story
  • Official social media and other communication channels
  • Resource branding & marketing collateral (programme etc)
  • Brand engagement opportunities
  • Placement/Volunteering opportunities

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