Manchester City Academy coach, Jamie Carr, has expressed his thanks to our Official Supporters Club as he reflects fondly on his remarkable solo challenge.

Jamie recently completed his 3,000-mile row across the Atlantic Ocean as part of his Nothing Ventured campaign.

It took Jamie 54 days to make his epic journey across the Atlantic, battling harsh winds, waves, heat and loneliness, as well as some following sharks!

Our Official Supporters Club were the headline sponsor of the challenge – and Jamie paid tribute to them in a special video message this week (see below).

He was wholesome in his appreciation of the efforts of the OSC and stressed that it’s been ‘amazing having you guys in my corner and having you guys support me’.

The Official Supporters Club have raised money for the Nothing Ventured campaign throughout the 2022/23 season, including donations.

For example, Norway and Denmark branches raised £10k while October’s Annual Dinner brought in £20k through ticket sales, raffle and an auction on the night.

You can still donate to Jamie Carr’s Nothing Ventured Campaign - click here.

Thank you once again to Manchester City’s Official Supporters Club, Axi, CTM, Image Group and Conferma Pay for supporting and sponsoring Jamie’s campaign.

Photo courtesy of Atlantic Campaigns/Penny Bird