Manchester City and PUMA have today announced their first collaborative digital art drop, 93:20, created by Musketon.

As part of the Manchester City’s wider activity celebrating the tenth anniversary of our first Premier League title and the iconic ‘93:20’ moment, this latest piece follows the success of City’s first three drops, as the Club continues to build its presence and collector community in the NFT space.

To celebrate a historic day in City’s history, Musketon brings his unique visual artistic style to 93:20. This collaborative digital art launch, created by Musketon, comprises one unique design.

The 93:20 piece artistically displays a unique clockwork environment with cogs and Manchester City artwork within Sergio Aguero’s goal-scoring PUMA boot. To commemorate the historic goal, Musketon’s artwork plays with the essence of time to symbolise 93:20, the specific time the winning goal was scored.

The artwork also features PUMA’s ULTRA Football Boots, which will be released on Friday 13 May as part of the 93:20 celebrations. The boots have been designed with the same colour palette of the original PUMA v1.11 football boots that Aguero was wearing.

Only 120 pairs of the limited-edition boots have been created in homage to the goal. The boot features the “Manchester City are still alive here” commentary, with custom 93:20 graphics on the outside of the boot. The footbed also features the famous ‘Agueroooooooo!’ line from the goal that will live on forever.

The 93:20 piece will drop on MakersPlace on Friday 13 May 2022.

Preview the drop here

Don Dransfield, Chief Strategy Officer at City Football Group said: “We are incredibly pleased to be launching our unique 93:20 piece in collaboration with PUMA, following the success of our three collections to date. This exciting piece continues to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the NFT and blockchain space, and shows our eagerness to collaborate with renowned talented creators, as well as with our club partners.

“Musketon’s unique artistic style has created an impressive piece of digital art to commemorate the historic title-winning goal and a key moment in the Club’s history and we are pleased to have been able to work with him in collaboration with PUMA and believe this piece showcases the best of digital art.”

Matthias Baeumer General Manager of Teamsport at PUMA said: “We are delighted to be able to collaborate with Manchester City on this latest NFT collection. Not only does this activity allow PUMA to join together with the club and celebrate a special, iconic moment but also allows us to share our latest products with audiences in an innovative, new and exciting way.”

Craig Palmer, MakersPlace co-founder and CEO, said: “The creative collaboration between Manchester City, PUMA and renowned digital artist Musketon is representative of the amazing possibilities that NFTs unlock for collectors and fans across the world. MakersPlace is proud to partner with organizations like Manchester City and PUMA, who champion innovation and continue to push the NFT space forward through spotlighting and celebrating the digital creativity of artists like Musketon.”

Musketon, who has produced the collection, added: “Being an arty kid rather than a sporty one, I was always more interested in drawing than kicking a ball around, but I was always aware of the Premier League powerhouse that is Manchester City Football Club from the kids in the playground. 

“So when City asked me to create an illustration for the 10-year anniversary of the legendary 93:20 goal I had to say yes!

“Drawing on the key moments from the history-making goal, and Manchester’s rich history, I’m proud to launch this super-detailed illustration for the City fans around the world, old and young alike!”

NFTs are digital assets and collectibles. The authenticity, rarity, scarcity, ownership, and other properties of NFTs are independently guaranteed, verified, and secured on blockchain.

Unlike most digital content, which is temporarily provided as a service to users on a licensing basis, NFTs are truly ownable. An NFT is owned by its holder regardless of any decisions taken by any other party, including the NFT’s developer. Owners are free to do anything they want with their NFTs: they can sell them on a marketplace or trade them for other items.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are not regulated instruments in the UK. The value of NFTs can go up as well as down. Capital Gains Tax may be payable on the sale of NFTs.