Manchester City has announced a landmark second NFT drop. Following the success of its first drop in May with artist Jon Noorlander to mark another Premier League Title, City is continuing to build its presence and collector community in the NFT space with the launch of the Creation collection, produced by Alan Bolton.

The upcoming collaboration offers fans and collectors the opportunity to participate in one of the most exciting and creative sports NFT collections to date. Creation comprises three pieces by mixed media artist, Alan Bolton, The Football Laboratory, The Football Academy and To The Blue Moon. The artworks combine into a triptych depicting an abstract representation of the process of creating the perfect footballer.

As a part of the drop, there will also be a limited edition collectors’ draw featuring a fourth artwork, The Football Artists, with each edition bearing the signature of a different member of Manchester City’s 2021/22 squad. Participation will be open to owners of artwork by Manchester City or Alan Bolton, and the winners of the draw will each receive one of the unique pieces.

The Creation collection will drop on MakersPlace on Tuesday 7th September.


Don Dransfield, Chief Strategy Officer at City Football Group said:

“We are incredibly pleased to be following up our first NFT drop with a new and exciting digital art collection. This further advance in NFTs and progression of our strategy within the sector demonstrates our ongoing commitment to sustainable innovation. The NFT world is moving incredibly quickly and we are eager to continue to work and collaborate with talented creators to create original artwork for fans and collectors to own through blockchain technology.

“Alan Bolton’s signature style of merging the natural with the industrial has created an incredible collection of digital artwork. It is the perfect follow-up to our first drop with Jon Noorlander and showcases some of the most distinctive art-based NFTs which sports teams have been engaged with.”

Dannie Chu, MakersPlace co-founder and CEO, said:

“We are thrilled to partner again with Manchester City, following the standout success of its first drop on MakersPlace this spring. Alan Bolton is one of the most dynamic and celebrated artists working in our space today, and the narrative collection he has conceived with Manchester City offers something for fans of both the Club and of cutting-edge digital art.”

Alan Bolton, who has produced the Creation collection, added:

“I am very excited to be collaborating with Manchester City on their second NFT collection. City continues to be the leader among sports teams in the space, championing the creation of innovative digital art as well as the creators themselves. I believe the Creation collection seamlessly brings my style into a new category for me, with the resulting artworks being among some of my favourites I have created to date.”

NFTs are digital assets and collectibles. The authenticity, rarity, scarcity, ownership, and other properties of NFTs are independently guaranteed, verified, and secured on blockchain.

Unlike most digital content, which is temporarily provided as a service to users on a licensing basis, NFTs are truly ownable. An NFT is owned by its holder regardless of any decisions taken by any other party, including the NFT’s developer. Owners are free to do anything they want with their NFTs: they can sell them on a marketplace or trade them for other items.

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