Manchester City's Official Supporters' Clubs have reflected on their personal experiences of our historic Champions League triumph.

Pep Guardiola‘s men clinched Europe’s top prize for the very first time after beating Inter 1-0 in Istanbul.

Rodrigo‘s second half strike proved the difference, as City completed a remarkable Treble, having already clinched the Premier League and FA Cup crown.

Our victory at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium is an evening that will forever be etched into our Club’s illustrious history, and sparked wild scenes of celebration around the world from our loyal supporters.

Below, members of our Official Supporters Clubs across the globe have shared their memories from our triumph over Inter.

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Jonas Afonso
Chair of the Maputo, Mozambique, Official Supporters Club

Watching the Champions League final at home with branch members was a truly unforgettable experience.

The emotion that ran through the environment was indescribable and when the winning goal was scored I proudly stretched out our flag.

I picked up the whistle that was around my neck, blowing it over, over and over again.

The day will forever remain in my memory.

Chair of the Malta Official Supporters Club

Oh What A Night! Our supporters gathered in a local bar, decorated with City flags and balloons. Our best attendance for the season, the place was jam-packed with local City supporters as well as some visiting from Manchester.

Celebrations continued until well after the game with City and We are the Champions songs centre to the celebrations.

Meanwhile, some of our members were enjoying the game either in Istanbul or flew over to Manchester to watch the game there.

General Secretary of the Jakarta Blues Official Supporters Club

We had an event at the Champions League final, and people flocked to the café where it was held two hours before kick-off.

Our place was packed with City fans who were eager to see their team, as well as witness their first treble.

Diptesh, Membership Officer of the Chittagong Official Supporters Club

The victory was a magical moment that made us all proud, we celebrated the win with a cheer so loud. We had the chance to experience the UEFA Champions League Final in a restaurant with our OSC members. It was an unforgettable experience!

We were surrounded by passionate supporters of both branches of Chittagong and North Dhaka, and the atmosphere was electric. Almost 500 people attended our screening. We put our heart and soul in to making this event remarkable. We watched the match from beginning to end, and we were thrilled when we saw City lift the trophy.

It was an incredible event, and we were all delighted to be there. All of our countries top sports channel broadcast our event. We hope that next year, we can all be together again to experience it all over again!

Chair of the Gurgaon Official Supporters Club

It happens to be the first year of our branch and fortunately we won the treble. I still can’t believe it, I think this branch is lucky for the Club!

We hosted a screening at a local restaurant in a very nice area of the city. We were around 20 people but just because of the screening more fans came.

It was really emotional for all of us. We waited for this moment so long and finally it happened.

Treasurer of the Milwaukee Official Supporters Club

Fittingly, we gathered at Champion’s Pub in Milwaukee to watch the Champions League Final.

The outing drew members from across the state of Wisconsin and even fans and members from around the United States (Baltimore, Washington D.C., Ohio, Tennessee, and California).

Treasurer of the San Francisco Official Supporters Club

In San Francisco, several our members were able to go to Istanbul to enjoy the match live.

However, almost 200, the largest crowd in the San Francisco branch history, watched the match in the pub where we meet, Maggie McGarry’s.

Blues came from far and wide with a number of Mancs in the crowd, many on vacation from places like Sydney, Australia.

Locally, one member came from Reno, Nevada, (that’s over a four-hour drive) to watch the match in camaraderie with other Blues!

It was a great afternoon and there was a lot of cheer and cheering at the final whistle!

General Secretary of the Melbourne Official Supporters Clubs

The Melbourne Blues had their biggest turn out since becoming an Official Supporters Club in 2012 to watch the Champions League Final, even though the kick off was at five o-clock on a Sunday morning Australian time.

During the final we were up, and we were down, but we always knew somehow City would win this game and they did.

The Imperial Hotel erupted with emotion, City had done it, the wait was over, Manchester City were Champions of Europe and had won the treble, the only club to do so this century, they made us proud to be blue.

Chair of Lahore Official Supporters Club

We were blessed to witness an extraordinary night as City fans, a truly unforgettable experience.

It was a night filled with tears, but this time they were tears of joy.

Every moment was etched into our hearts, forever marking this night as one of the Club’s most incredible seasons in our history.

Chair of Osaka Official Supporters Club

On a cold, rainy morning, the members of Osaka OSC gathered at their usual bar at 4am Japan time.

Together, we applauded De Bruyne, praised Rodri, thanked Ederson, sang Campeones, and I cried tears of joy.

Chair of the Northern Greece Official Supporters Club

Our members were split for the final with seven of us driving all the way to Istanbul and back.

The rest watched it in our club sports bar Meli Melo in Thessaloniki. We were fortunate to travel next to the two team coaches back to Greece and were in the jeep with an excited 13-year old girl hanging out of the sunroof waving the final flag!

Treasurer of the Tallahassee Official Supporters Club

My family and I were visiting Japan, so I located the OSC in Tokyo and went and watched the Final with them.

There I met a member from Australia and another from Indonesia.

It was good to watch the Final with fellow Supporters Club members even though I didn’t speak their language. We spoke the language of CITEH!

General Secretary of the Milano Blue Moon Official Supporters Club

Flags in the wind, joy, and emotions together with our Champions!

Milano Blue Moon and Birrlandina pub in Modena will never give up!