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Say Hello to our new Official Supporters Club in Berlin

Manchester City now has an Official Supporters Club in Berlin!

Formed in December 2022 with 11 members, the branch is the first we’ve ever had in Germany and they have plans to grow in the coming months.

The passionate group get together in Belushi’s Berlin (Mitte) and have been watching matches together since forming.

Their members actually stretch as far as Austria – and they’re excited about their next big meet-up in person, which will be for our Champions League game against RB Leipzig in February.

They were thrilled when we drew Leipzig in the Round of 16 as it’s just a train ride for the group from Berlin!

Sarah Gait, chair of the branch, said that they’re looking forward to meeting lots of travelling supporters passing through Berlin for the game and “welcoming fellow Blues to our city”.

Talking about the formation and her own support of the Club, she told us: “I'm a long-time City fan and daughter of an even longer-time one - my dad grew up in Manchester watching the games at Maine Road and coincidentally it turns out that my mum's great-grandfather actually played for City during the 1907/08 season.

“My proudest personal City moment is probably when I ran into Yaya Toure in my street in London this summer, just after we won the League.

CHANCE ENCOUNTER : Meeting Yaya Toure was a special moment for Sarah Gait.
CHANCE ENCOUNTER : Meeting Yaya Toure was a special moment for Sarah Gait.

“He signed my City football, which by a stroke of luck I was carrying at the time, and we reminisced about 93:20 - or he did, I think I was pretty starstruck!

“When I moved from the UK to Berlin in October 2022, I couldn’t believe there weren’t any OSC branches in Germany yet!

“It was a couple of weeks later, on the 05:30 train back to Berlin after the Dortmund away game, that I happened to be sitting opposite Forat, now branch vice chair/secretary, and mentioned the idea of a Berlin Supporters Club Branch.

“To be honest, two members seemed a promising start and I enlisted the help of the Blue Moon forum (thank you Ric!) to recruit our starting 10 members.

“Our first ‘official’ meetup was for the cup game against Chelsea in November with the grand total of four members.

“Our little gaggle of sky blue shirts even attracted a visiting City fan from America!

“We are excited to be the first official Manchester City Supporters Club branch in Germany, and we’re looking forward to expanding and welcoming new members over the coming seasons.”

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Welcome Berlin, it’s great to have you with us.