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Bangladesh Official Supporters Club make a difference with charity work

The Bangladesh branch of Manchester City’s Official Supporters Club has been providing support to those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Back in January 2021, the group travelled 79-miles by bus from the capital of Dhaka to Koutola, a village in Bera in the Pabna district, in order to distribute blankets and masks to local people living in poverty.

Charitable giving is important to the Bangladesh branch, who donated 500 masks and more than 350 blankets.

“Manchester City Official Supporters Club Bangladesh felt lucky to come forward to help the winter-stricken people and share the warmth with them in this unbearably cold winter,” explained Membership Officer, Dipu Mesbah Uddin.

“The volunteers and locals provided people with tokens and upon submitting those tokens, they were given blankets. The whole giveaway was conducted very neatly and meticulously.

“We hope to continue these humanitarian works within our capabilities and invite others to come forward with such initiatives to make this world easier and a better place.”

The Bangladesh branch had the honour of being the Club’s first official branch on South East Asia when it affiliated back in February 2014.

With members spread out across the country, the group meet in Dhaka to watch games together and it is a fanbase whose love of City stretches back decades.

“Some of us have supported the Club since the legendary “Aguerooooo…” moment, some of us since the takeover and some of us from way back in 1965,” Dipu adds.

“We all share the same spirit and passion towards our beloved Manchester City, the Club which has given us so many incredible moments to cherish forever.

“From the 1999 Division 2 Playoff final triumph over Gillingham, which laid a foundation for City's future success, to the Premier League conquest of 2012, arguably the greatest Manchester City moment ever.

“Every year we are getting more members. Hopefully we will grow even bigger and we will keep singing Blue Moon together.”

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