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Andy Scott: The Sculptor behind Kompany and Silva statues

Andy Scott: The Sculptor behind Kompany and Silva statues
Award-winning sculptor Andy Scott has expressed his personal pride in creating statues honouring Manchester City legends Vincent Kompany and David Silva.

One of the most decorated and renowned sculptors of his generation, he also revealed the unique logistics behind their production.

Scott, born and raised in Glasgow, was appointed by the Club in June 2020 to oversee the project, with both statues to be unveiled at the Etihad Stadium ahead of Saturday’s Premier League clash with Arsenal.

As two of City’s greatest custodians, Kompany and Silva both played an essential role in our recent success, each claiming four Premier League titles and amassing a combined total of 796 appearances for the Club.

And Scott is confident that the finished works provide a fitting tribute to each of their stellar contributions at Manchester City, to be enjoyed by supporters for years to come.

He reflected: “It’s an amazing feeling, it’s really quite uplifting to see (the statues) and finally realise the location personally.

“It kind of feels like a vindication that we did do the right thing and we have chosen the right poses as well, and I think they will look fantastic."

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Behind both statues has been an exhaustive production process with Scott and his team working through ‘pages and pages’ of initial sketches before bringing the work to life from his studio in Philadelphia.

That meticulous preparation was complicated further by the impact of Covid-19 travel restrictions, with visits to the Etihad Stadium from Andy and in person meetings all unable to take place.

Indeed, each part of the process, from the creation and completion of the artwork to the transportation of the pieces from Philadelphia to Manchester, has been conducted remotely.

But while Scott agrees that the pandemic has added to the project’s unconventional nature, he also points out that those difficulties have made its completion particularly rewarding.


“I think probably for me the bigger sense of reward is the fact that I wasn’t physically able to come to the stadium until now. That makes it feel more like a big final moment,” he declared.

“I never really think about it that way (rewarding), you just get on with it and do it. Usually, you’d be more familiar with the surroundings, this has been slightly more detached, but it’s very exciting.

Covid made things more complicated for sure. But like everybody else around the world you have to modify and just make the best of the situation as you can.

“We did that, and I think it’s worked out very well.”

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