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Blue moon!

There’ll be a rare astronomical treat in our night’s sky this evening and it’s one Manchester City fans in particular will want to take note of.

For the first time in 150 years there’ll be a super blue blood moon.

And in honour of the occasion, of course we’ll be playing Blue Moon – the iconic anthem which has been synonymous with City since the 1989-90 season – at tonight’s game against West Brom.

So, what is a super blue blood moon?

Well, for the first time since 1866, three celestial phenomena have aligned to give us:

  • A blue moon – A second full moon in a calendar month
  • A super moon – When the moon is unusually closer to the earth, thus appearing bigger
  • A lunar eclipse or blood moon – A moment during an eclipse when the moon appears red.

And we want City fans from around the world to send us their pictures of the event.

Perhaps appropriately, fans in Manchester, who’ll be able to belt out the famous song with gusto, will only be able to see the blue moon, but those living in Australia, Asia the US and Eastern Europe will get to enjoy the full super blue blood moon experience.

In the UK the blue moon is expected to rise at 5pm and remain in the sky until 8am on Thursday morning, while on the US east coast, the eclipse will start at 5.51am US ET. It will begin at 4.51am CT and those on the west coast can see it at 2.51am.

For those further east, the super blood blue moon will be visible in the evening, with Nasa suggesting the following times:

  • Sydney – 9.51pm
  • New Zealand – 10.51pm
  • Shanghai – 5.51pm
  • Moscow – 12.51pm

So, get snapping that blue moon and send is your pictures to @ManCity on Twitter!

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Manchester City launch Same City, Same Passion

LAUNCH: A new initiative - Same City, Same Passion - has been announced

Manchester City have today launched Same City, Same Passion, a club wide campaign focused on promoting women's football by demonstrating that the same skills, same excitement and same passion exist wherever a ball is kicked.

Manchester City have today launched Same City, Same Passion

Club News

First team experience tours

There is an unmissable event coming up for Manchester City fans who want to gain unparalleled behind-the-scenes access to the Club.

Our First Team Experience tour is on sale now, with this unique opportunity only available on 1 February.

Club News

New initiative launched to discuss disabled access

PRIDE OF PLACE: Our new crest ready for the first game of the season.

Manchester City are pleased to announce a new initiative which will discuss disabled access at the Club.

New for 2018, ‘Meet the Access Team’ is a series of meetings which will be held on different matchdays throughout the season.