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Jim hopes for more success with new Boss

Jim hopes for more success with new Boss
Mark Hughes and Academy Manager Jim Cassell have already begun to plan how more talented youngsters can boost the City first team.

The new Blues boss is already on record as saying how impressed he has been with the work done at Platt Lane from outside, and Cassell has told mcfc.co.uk that he, along with the Academy’s Head of Recruitment Barry Poynton, has already met with Hughes after his arrival at City in the middle of last week.

“I went over to Carrington on Friday with Barry Poynton to say hello and wish him good luck with the new job,” says Jim.  “We had a brief chat and we have made ourselves available for further discussion whenever he wants to, he has a lot to do at this early stage but we will all sit round again and talk about what we can do for him.

“I’m sure we can have a great working relationship with Mark, as we have had with all the previous managers.

“The Academy will continue to do its best, as we always do. Its not easy to keep producing players of the quality needed to progress into the Premier League, but Mark knows what is needed in the Premier League, both as a player and as a manager, what we have to do is work the way he wants us to for the success of the Club.

“He is very well briefed on the Academy, and we were very comfortable in his company, which is a good sign at this early stage. It all looks very positive, our aim is to work together and do the best that we can for the club so lets hope we can have more success together,” Jim concludes.

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