New York

Health & Food Security

In New York City, the Coronavirus crisis has led to significant challenges for many communities in accessing healthy, fresh, affordable food.

These challenges include availability of food due to shop closures and supply chain issues, the quality of food with little fresh and healthy food available, as well as people lacking the financial resources to purchase fresh food due to loss of income. In addition, many families do not have the knowledge about how to prepare healthy food or of the nutritional value of certain foods and how it can improve their health.

This project will address these challenges and support recovery of people affected in South Bronx. NYCP’s Live Healthy! team will provide food through their farmshare programme, conduct social security screenings and provide education on healthy eating directly to the families of young people from City in the Community programmes. Young Leaders will be trained to support food distribution, educating others about the benefits of healthy eating for individual and community health and building wider community engagement.

This project will be delivered by New York Common Pantry (NYCP) and New York City in the Community

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