Health and Education

In Melbourne, the Coronavirus crisis has had a significant impact on the most vulnerable and marginalized children and their families.

Before the crisis, many families in the most disadvantaged communities experienced food insecurity and children often attended school without having eaten breakfast. With schools closed, their nutrition was even more compromised, and parents were also unprepared for home schooling, leading to disengagement with remote learning. It is now a challenge to ensure children and youth return and stay in school when they reopen after closures.

This project will help children return to education after missing many weeks of schooling due to lockdown, through the provision of healthy and nutritious food and physical activity through football to children at school. City in the Community will deliver free football and physical activity classes, along with education on health and nutrition, at Breakfast and Homework Clubs run by SecondBite Charities.

This will be a holistic approach to tackle the nutritional, physical and social needs of young children who have been isolated for many weeks without being able to properly focus on their education.

This project will be delivered by City in the Community in Melbourne.

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