In Girona, increased numbers of children and adolescents have been disproportionately affected by the Coronavirus crisis.

Many young people from at-risk communities already faced difficulties in school prior to the crisis and dropped out early. Due to the economic impact of the pandemic, even more families find themselves in a precarious situation and are concerned about the impact of school closures, reduced timetables, and a lack of socio-economic support for their children.

This project will support the most at-risk children and young people to get the support they need to return to education safely. Young Leaders and volunteers will support with homework and tutoring, as well as offering a wider set of education resources to support the development of key life skills. Health kits and COVID prevention education will be provided, as well as nutritious food parcels to boost health and wellbeing.

The wider community will also be engaged to provide support and long-term engagement in keeping children safe.

This project will be delivered by Creu Roja Girona.

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