Taylor says 'unpredictable' Birmingham a threat

Gareth Taylor is warning Birmingham City’s league position make them a dangerous opponent on Sunday.

City face the FA Women’s Super League’s bottom club on Sunday looking for a fifth straight league win.

But Taylor says the Midlanders’ mindset of little to lose make them an unpredictable and dangerous side to face.

“I think when we look at them previously, they try to engage from our build-up so will come and press but once you get through that, if you don’t capitalise on that by hitting them through the spaces they’ll block up and make it difficult,” said Taylor.


“The unpredictability of it is the interesting part, we’re not really too sure what they’ll do, if they’ll play five or they’ll play four, they’ve played five pretty much consistently.

“Let’s see, we’ve come up against that in the last couple of games against Everton and eventually managed to break it down.

“That's the challenge for the players, they’re aware of the expectation in our performance and where the spaces will be.

“The knowledge, rhythm and tempo at the moment is pretty good.

“It’s a difficult game because Birmingham will make it difficult for us.

“We just need to focus on ourselves and do all the right things to be successful.”

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