Water Heroes Academy, supported by Xylem and Cityzens Giving, is a global network of youth-led projects aimed at tackling water challenges in local communities using the power of football.

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In Tacloban City, Philippines, young leaders are improving the access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene whilst promoting flood safety education.

According to UNICEF, 3.4 million people in the Philippines lack access to basic drinking water services, with Tacloban City being one of the cities affected.

Tacloban City is prone to typhoons and heavy rainfall, and one of the other challenges that arises is the contamination of water sources due to flooding.

Lyra and the team of young leaders in Tacloban City are using the power of football to educate young people on the importance of water conservation and safe hygiene and sanitation practises.

Speaking about the Water Heroes Academy project, Lyra commented: “We have developed a comprehensive curriculum that utilises the power of football and play to educate children and youth about the various water challenges within their communities.

This emphasises the significance of water conservation, and how young people can actively contribute to conservation efforts.

Our primary goal is to promote good water, sanitation and hygiene practices within their families and ultimately contribute to a healthier and more sustainable environment.”

This Cityzens Giving project is delivered in partnership with FundLife.

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