"How do you like your sautéed onions?!" | Goater and SWP on Arsenal win

It’s safe to say Shaun Goater and Shaun Wright-Phillips were very impressed with Joao Cancelo in Saturday’s hard-fought win over Arsenal…

Reflecting on the team’s performance in our matchday We’re Not Really Here live show, the pair hailed the Portugal star’s dribbling ability – one magical moment in particular.

With City leading 1-0 thanks to Raheem Sterling’s first half rebound, Cancelo sought a second, driving down the right flank and tricking his way past Kieran Tierney to carve out an opening.

Cancelo twisted and turned his marker beautifully before driving in a cross, which deserved to be finished with a goal – and the two Shauns were out of their seats!


The Goat was especially impressed.

“Cancelo’s chopped him up, diced him up!” he raved. “How do you like your sautéed onions?!”

“He’s really cut him up!”

Asked whether he’d been giving our #27 any tips on the wing or modelling his skills on him, Wright-Phillips laughed: “I think he’s a bit taller than me!”

“It’s amazing. As an attacker, once you get a defender once, the chances are: you can get him again.

“He’s chopped him and he’s on way back to get in position and you go back again! He got in the position very well.”

The pair also praised Ederson’s impressive display and analysed the decisive moment: Sterling’s winning goal, highlighting the importance of the perfect weighted pass…

Watch their hilarious reaction above!