David James has tipped Phil Foden to win the Club's Etihad Player of the Season award, comparing watching the youngster to watching the film Kes!

Speaking on our We’re Not Really Here live matchday show, the former City goalkeeper and former midfielder Michael Brown were asked to nominate their stars of 2020/21.

For James, the answer was simple, as he purred over Foden‘s impressive campaign.

“It’s Foden, definitely,” he said. “The is the last who at the beginning of the season, everyone was saying should be playing more, or needed to go out on loan.


“I remember watching him at the West Ham game - he literally changed the game. I don’t often get excited about watching footballers but I get excited watching him.

“He reminds me of that movie Kes - not for Billy’s footballing ability because he just hung off goalposts! - but there’s an innocence about him. The things he was doing in the Cup Final were ridiculous.

“If he’s not happy with what he’s done, you can see it; almost feel it. It’s very emotive and the skills he has...”

Brown was equally complimentary about the lifelong City fan from Stockport, echoing James’ sentiments about Foden‘s passion - but the former midfielder was spoilt for choice on his Player of the Season selection!

“It’s a sheer love for the game,” he added. “He even goes home and plays football!

“Can we wait until next weekend for the vote?! There’s Ruben Dias, Ilkay Gundogan, Kevin De Bruyne - he’s the matchwinner; he can be the difference...

“Riyad Mahrez has done remarkably and had a good return, John Stones has had a great season, Ilkay Gundogan‘s return of goals, Ederson too with his amount of clean sheets...

“It’s so tough! It’s a special season.”

Hear what the pair had to say in the video above...

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