Ruben Dias: The story so far

It is just over four months since Ruben Dias joined City from Benfica.

And it is safe to say, as a key cog in our record-equalling run of six consecutive clean sheets and subsequent march to the Premier League summit, the Portuguese central defender has hit the ground running.

With this in mind, our colleagues at CityTV looked back at his brief time at the club so far, and the huge impact he has had since making the switch from Benfica at the end of September.

From the get-go, Dias has proven that he possesses a steely, winning mentality, and often celebrates crucial challenges with the same energy as a goal at the other end.

And while our centre-half laughed when the word ‘intensity’ was mentioned, he believes that quality is a crucial part of his character, and the reason for his successful career so far.


When asked if he would describe himself as intense, he said: “I think I would say yes, I know it. But it actually is just the way I am, focused on the job.

“I was so focused on my dream to become a football player and be at the top that I lost so many other things I could have enjoyed.

“But my determination, it just made me like this, an intense person. I would say it’s a consequence of the way I work.”

Dias has already proven he is willing to put his body on the line on the pitch, whether it be a flying boot or an effort on goal.

But one thing he admitted he could never be prepared for was the typical Manchester weather.


And it did not take long for our centre-back to experience everything our ever-changing forecast has to offer.

“As soon as I got on the pitch, (Fernandinho) said to me: ‘Here it can make all four seasons in one day so be ready,’” Dias recalled with a grin.

“It was sunny, and suddenly it starts raining!”

Hear Ruben Dias’ thoughts in full, including his first impressions of the club and his debut, by watching the video above.

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