Ask me anything: Rodri on Reggaeton, fajitas and Freddie Mercury

Cooking, dancing and dinner party guests are all up for discussion as Rodri takes to the hot seat for Ask Me Anything, presented by Nexen.

The Spanish midfielder discusses a host of topics, including how he is maintaining his fitness and keeping in contact with his team-mates, as well as his favourite school subject.

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The 23-year-old also appears to be a dab hand in the kitchen as he claims his fajitas are ‘top level’, whilst he also reveals his love for Reggaeton.

However, his most intriguing answer of all is which three people (dead or alive) he would invite to a dinner party.

Queen frontman Freddie Mercury is his quickfire first choice, with two of the greatest sportsmen in history also on the guestlist.

Watch the video above to hear all Rodri’s answers.

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