Pep: Still so much to do

Pep Guardiola says he has extended his time with City because he feels there is unfinished business.

The Catalan boss has penned a two-year extension to his current deal, taking him to the summer of 2023.

But despite winning eight trophies during his first four full seasons with the Club, he feels there is much more to achieve in the months and years ahead.

“In the end we decided that the best for all of us is to continue because still we have the feeling that there is still unfinished business and still there is something to do and continue what we have done in the last years," said Pep.

“This club won in the recent past, but together we won a lot and we won a lot and we won again.

“The target at this club, like in the past has not won a lot of titles is continue to try to maintain the structure of the club as long and as much as possible.

“I have the desire to help with all the fantastic players we have for the next years, especially for the fans and we will feel proud of the way we play and the way we win.”


Guardiola also said the thought of a situation where he could not say goodbye to the City fans would be too painful, and that he desperately hopes the Etihad will soon have fans inside again.

Global health pandemic means our fans can’t see the players at the stadium – what’s your message for them?

“I don’t want to leave without saying hello and maybe bye in the in the stadium,” he said.

“All the clubs need fans, but of course especially I am talking about ours. They must know we think a lot about them when we play, especially at home.

“How empty and sad it is. But hopefully it will finish soon and finally we can be together. I want them to be proud.

“I know we did it in the past, the way we played in the last few years. But we are looking forward to do it again in the stadium.

“I never forget when I learned about when these fans were in Maine Road, in the Second Division, not fighting where we are now, and 35,000 followed the team.


“When that happens, that shows how special a club is. It’s not just about winning titles. Of course it’s important but sometimes it’s more important to not forget what we were.

“What we are right now is really, really good and the target again is fighting all together.

“We want to maintain this level at home and in Europe as best as possible.”

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