Guardiola: Players' body language helps shape my City team selection

Pep Guardiola has revealed how the City players’ body language in training has emerged as one of his key first team selection criteria.

With such a world class, talented squad at his disposal, it means the boss always has to leave a number of top stars out of his starting eleven when he makes his selection choices.

But addressing the media in the wake of our 1-1 draw with Everton on New Year’s Eve, Guardiola revealed how the mood and body language of his players now played a pivotal role in his thinking.

“We have to play with 11 - we cannot play with 13 - and every time it is difficult to choose for me because always top players are not playing,” Pep reflected.

“Mainly lately – perhaps as I am older - I look at the body language in the training sessions and everything. You cannot play good when the body language is not correct.


“Sometimes I pick them for the body language, for how happy they look and how they are there. This is one of my main decisions when I choose the line-up.

“With the skills I know how good they are, and they know what we want to do.

“But the body language depends on them and sometimes they are not good.”

Play the video to watch Pep’s press conference in full…