Guardiola: Our biggest battle is with ourselves

Pep Guardiola says remaining positive during tough moments will be the biggest challenge for Manchester City this season.

The boss believes it is important his players retain an optimistic outlook even in difficult periods, something he said he learnt from his former assistant, Juanma Lillo.


It was Lillo who taught Guardiola to remain relaxed when one off results didn’t go his way and the Catalan says it is particularly important City stay calm in both good and bad points in the season.

“Now all our world is all about today and it is the end of the world,” he said at his pre-match press conference ahead of Saturday’s game against Bournemouth.

“That’s not true. We can lose three games and then win 14 games.

“Juanma taught me a lot about that. In the bad situations he would say’ ‘relax, everything is going well’.

“The team is in the locker room and behaving perfectly. When we were perfect, he said, ‘we were perfect, relax and enjoy the moment’.

“This is the way we have to live. Of course the rumours are there, that is an honour for us because that means people care. But at the same time we have to be calm in the good moments and especially the bad moments.

“The best thing is to think positively. Our biggest battle is with ourselves, not opponents, it is how you think about it and how positive you are.”

Watch the full press conference above.

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