Guardiola: 700 games and many more to come!

Saturday's win over Fulham marked Pep Guardiola's 700th game as a manager - and his 250th in charge of City.

He has won 508 of those games, with a win ratio of 72.5 percent, losing just 81 times. 

And of his 250 City games, he has won 179 of them. 

Over the course of his 12-year career as a manager, Guardiola has enjoyed an incredible record of success, winning a remarkable 29 major trophies to date.

After the game, he spoke to CityTV about his delight at reaching two notable milestones - and says he hopes to oversee many more as City boss. 

Watch the full interview above! 

Pep a very special day. 700 games as a manager and 250 here at Manchester City.

Many congratulations first and foremost. It must be a real special day and the perfect day to celebrate with the win?

Well, important first, of course, is being in the present - the present is the victory, of course. But yeah, it was curious. You know, my 250 games here at the same time with 700 games. So yeah, I share it with Barcelona people who were there, with Bayern Munich and here there's a lot of games, a lot of victories, a lot of titles, just, 81 defeats with 700 games when I realised it - wow, how good it was this period together with these three amazing clubs? Happy to do this 250 with this club and more to come. So hopefully we can have success in the next period.

You've had so much success at those clubs, brought so much pleasure to people, but also the style of play that your teams play has brought so much enjoyment. That must give you even greater satisfaction knowing that you enrich people's lives?

No, of course. But I think all the managers, the biggest satisfactions is playing the team like you wanna play. So there is no system or style better than the other ones. So the styles are the players and adjust the idea with them and especially play like you like. And every manager has his one. We have our one and yeah, we have done in three different countries the same way. And we've had success and everywhere, just to maintain it and with the support that I have with the club in all departments it's a joy to work here. And now is rest and think about the next one and move forward.

The other incredible thing Pep is your winning ratios are well above 70% which speaks volumes again to the consistency that you've enjoyed as well. That must give you great pride too?

Yeah, of course. Of course, the rates are good, so a lot of games 700, to have rated more than 70% victories. So it's really good. How good we have done this. I don't know - travelling 13 years all together. So I cannot forget Barcelona time. Like was, it is a club of my heart. The club, Like I was a ball boy. Like it was everything. It gave me everything and to get the opportunity to go to Munich. And Manchester - incredible organisations like I am. I am really proud to be part of, and yeah, just rest and Continue.

Here's to the next 700.

Okay. 7000! Thank you very much.

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