Guardiola happy with team consistency

Pep Guardiola accepts his side might not have had the best results over the past seven or eight games, but overall, he has been happy with the performance levels.

The boss admits the Brentford and Southampton displays were uncharacteristic of his side, but in general, he is happy with what he is seeing, even if the rub of the green hasn’t been going City’s way in some matches.

Asked whether he thought his team had become somewhat inconsistent of late, Guardiola replied: “I would say the inconsistency was in terms of results, but not in terms of performance.

“In general, the consistency in our games was good I think.

“Against Everton we played much better, one shot on target and we drew.

“Of course they punish you, (whereas) before it didn't happen.

“Before we found a way to get better results, playing good or bad we always had a chance.

“I would say this is our strength and we have to improve. But in terms of performance, we were consistent in general.

“We lost at Anfield when we scored a goal that was disallowed and the situation that happened against United - against the top, top clubs the margin is so minimal.

“But I want to recognise my team. I want to sit there and say ‘OK, this is what we worked [on] or talked [about] or planned. I saw it.

“But this is a business, I know it. All my reflections about how we lost… you lost my friend! Don't explain to me theories.

“There are games for example, we want it and maybe we didn't deserve it. It is what it is.” 

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