Nunes reacts to iconic City midfielders

Our new Portuguese signing was shown clips of some of City's greatest midfielders of recent times...

The former Wolves and Sporting star watches clips of Yaya Toure, David Silva, Fernandinho, Ilkay Gundogan and Kevin De Bruyne and reveals his thoughts on each City legend.

He also says which part of the icons' game he can most relate his own skillset to, as well as revealing how his English stepfather would watch a Premier League match with him every Saturday in his younger days in Brazil.

"I saw City a lot and the Aguero goal," he smiles - and we all know which one he means!

On Yaya, he says the driving runs is the part of his game that is most similar., though adds, "He has done it while I am just starting my career here."

"I think he is a legend, here and I first started watching Man City because of him, his skills and technique.

"He was so good

For David Silva it is his close control that he feels is similar.

"El Mago. HIs passing and control... it's quite beautiful to watch, actually," he says.

He calls Fernandinho a leader who gave the team a great balance, and loves that he enjoyed defending  - something Matheus likes but accepts it's not something every player relishes!

On our Treble-winning former skipper Ilkay Gundogan, he says: "He's so good with both feet - he has control and composure and sees everything before everyone - before the ball comes to him.

"I like to watch him play and he was someone I liked to watch a lot of YouTube videos of."

After revealing his early heroes were Kaka and Ronaldinho - "my idol" - Matheus watches the last clip of a modern great - Kevin De Bruyne.

And the Portuguese says he cannot wait to line-up alongside a footballer he has nothing but admiration for.

"Kevin is my favourite player of the last six or seven years. He's a player I look up to the most," he says.

"I watched every single YouTube video of him and I really love him as a player and because of his mentality.

"If someone asked me the kind of player I would like to be, it would be him."

He adds that after watching the four City greats, that he would like to be the fifth of this very special group in years to come.

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