Gatorade gives players the confidence to fuel yourself forward and be better than you were before, no matter your level. 

Gatorade tasked a set of challengers and pros to compete against themselves and one another in a competition like no other.

These challengers were up against three professional players from both City’s men’s and women’s team.

Competing from the men’s side were Bernardo Silva, Rodrigo, Manual Akanji. And on the women’s side were Deyna Castellanos, Ruby Mace and Mary Fowler
The aim of the game is to complete every challenge as quick as possible with any mistakes adding to your time.

Each challenge tested players both on a physical level and a mental level to see who has what it takes to fuel themselves forward and come out on top.

Whoever completed all the challenges in the shortest time overall, won. 
Who do you think won? Watch the video above to find out!