Pep: Cancelo can be our Philipp Lahm 

Pep Guardiola says Joao Cancelo can emulate Bayern Munich and Germany legend Philipp Lahm if he continues to progress.

Regarded as one of the best and most versatile defenders of his generation, Lahm won 113 caps for his country during a glittering career.

When asked if Cancelo could be as good as Lahm, Pep replied: “We didn't have a proper left-back and Cancelo like Danilo can play on both sides.


“We were lucky Zinchenko and Delph adapted well there. Joao can play both sides without a problem. 

“He can use both legs perfectly. His natural position is right but he is adapting very well on the left now. 

“When one player arrives from another culture, he needs time to adapt, even myself needed time. The way we wanted to play, he needed time. Sometimes you are patient, sometimes not.

“But Joao since he arrived he played good but he has one huge quality - he loves playing football! When you find a player like that, like Riyad, Phil is like this - you have a diamond in your hands.

“Most players like football but these three players I mentioned are like little boys playing in the street or in school. This is great. That is why Joao is consistent in his game.

“Like now he plays like Philip did in Bayern when we were together.

“Philipp Lahm is the best player I’ve ever seen in my entire life at being a full-back moving inside.

“But Joao, like Dani Alves has the quality. Kyle is always improving a lot. Some of his games recently are the best he’s played for us.

“Kyle is improving a lot and that's why I am very pleased with Kyle and what he is doing.” 

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