Pep Guardiola says Jurgen Klopp’s recent comments about City are because he understands how and why winless runs can happen.

The Liverpool boss suggested people writing off City’s Premier League title hopes after our 1-0 loss at Aston Villa would be “the biggest joke in history of football”.

Referenced at his press conference ahead of our game with Luton Town at 14:00 (UK), Guardiola says comments like that are because Klopp understands football and its many variables at any stage of the season.


“Jurgen knows that what happened to us in two or three weeks can happen,” said Pep.

“He knows it. We have a bad period, and we have other periods of the season, but the mentality is there.

“He knows it can happen. A big change, private life change, bad moments are there.

“I never believe in the big compliments or the bad things.

“[In] football, the most difficult thing is to win, win, win and do it. We’re the main candidates to win, we were there.

“What they demand of us, they don’t demand to others at all. The only team who fails if they don’t win the Premier League is us.

“Every other team is a big success. If they don’t win everything it’s normal.

“It’s difficult to handle that every week, every three days for years and years.

“In sport you have a period, and seasons when that can happen.

“Look at our rivals; we’ve been there and have to continue, but the reality isn’t easy with injuries, new players coming.

“I wanted [Ilkay] Gundogan and Riyad [Mahrez] to stay, but they wanted to leave (due to) challenges in life and family.

“People can’t imagine being in a bad position, but of course we can be there.

“But don’t say it’s complacency or we’re relaxed. The team is not in that way.”

Watch the manager’s press conference in the video player above.