Chairman's Interview 2020: Part Two

Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak has spoken of his immense pride at Manchester City’s continuing role in aiding efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the second and concluding part of his season review with City editor-in-chief Chris Bailey, the Chairman also revealed the possible implications of the pandemic on the Club’s long-term strategic and development plans.

In a wide-ranging interview, the Chairman discussed the potential impact of COVID on football in general as well as talking about the long-term futures of manager Pep Guardiola and record goal-scorer Sergio Aguero.

Addressing the issue of COVID-19 which has had such a devastating impact on society around the world, the Chairman asserted: “I’m very proud of what we as a Club have done.

“From donating the Etihad Stadium to the NHS, to helping with the provision of food banks, from the efforts of our first team players and our Academy players in contacting people affected by the pandemic, everyone has pitched in.

“In Manchester, New York, China… in our operations all around the world, we’ve worked closely with all of our respective communities and that will continue to be the case as COVID is unfortunately still with us.”

As regards the Club’s development plans, the Chairman added: “Some projects continue, and we see the sense in expediating them. Others because of the challenges of COVID we’ve had to put on pause. But one thing is clear… we can’t continue to think in the same way.”


Looking at the way COVID could potentially affect football going forward, the Chairman said the financial realities meant there would be inevitable long-term change.

“The magnitude of the changes depends on many things but the realities of COVID on various forms of revenue… the impact is there and it is very challenging,” he added.

As to the futures of Aguero and Guardiola, who are both in the final year of their respective contracts, the City Chairman said it would be a natural process.

“We are going to work it out together and it will be very natural wherever that is if its next year or the year after. It will play out in a very comfortable way whatever Sergio decides.

“Likewise, with Pep, the conversation will be a very natural one. We have a clear alignment in terms of where we see the future and what we want in terms of success for the Club. It will be a natural conversation as we go and it will work out for the best for Pep, for me and for the Club.”

Finally, the Chairman also spoke at length about the Club’s commitment and drive to continue to build upon the success of our women’s team as well talking about his pride at the continuing success of the City Football Group model.

You can watch the full interview in the video above.